Affordable Housing Application Instructions

To complete the Affordable Housing application form, please click here to download the form.
Due to the sensitivity of the information requested, please contact the appropriate property manager to set up an appointment to submit the application.

Items you will need before you begin the Affordable Housing application process:

Personal Information:
  1. Driver’s license, Social Security numbers and birth date
  2. Co-applicants need the same as above
  3. Current address and phone number (if renting); landlord's phone number and address
  4. E-mail address (if applicable)
  5. Vehicle license plate number; make, model and year
  1. Employment: name, address and phone number of employer and contact person phone number
  2. Unemployed: copies of benefit statements for 2-3 months or 1099 (mail or e-mail copy)
  3. Current Social Security benefit letter (a mailed copy required)
  4. Veterans benefits (mail or email statement or contact info)
  5. Alimony/spousal maintenance payments (mail copy of divorce decree)
  6. Section 8 voucher rent assistance (contact person, phone and address)
  7. Child support payments (mail or email statement)
  8. Monthly pension/annuities (name, address, phone and fax number)
  1. ALL - checking accounts: name, address, phone and (fax number, if possible)
  2. ALL - savings accounts: name, address, phone and (fax number, if possible)
  3. ALL - CD/Money Market accounts: Name, address, phone and fax number
  4. IRA’s, 401K’s, pensions/annuities: Name, address, phone and fax numbers
  5. Real estate: tax statement plans for the real estate

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