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(Landlord pays for Free Wifi, free off-street parking)
Tenant Contact Information
       AVAILABLE JUNE 1, 2021
 1125 State
 (2 bedroom)
 1 male looking for a roommate    $530/bedroom + utilities Available: June 1, 2021
Ahmed 608-881-3273
101 West Ave N.
(3 bed unit)
 2 females looking for a roommate $500/bedroom + utilities Available June 1, 2021
Morgan 715-690-9339 or Brenna 715-441-4099
  1125 State
(2 bedroom)
 1 female looking for a roommate    $530/bedroom + utilities  Available June 1, 2021
Kam:  608-289-5291

Current tenants: Contact your resident manager for approval and additional information.

For information on our subleasing policies, please refer to the La Crosse Resident Handbook  and the River Falls Resident Handbook.

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