What Makes a Gerrard Project Exceptional?

Our aim is simple. We want you to be a fan of our work. Someone who believes that Gerrard homes, apartments, and developments are great places to live, work, and play. And here’s how:

About Gerrard Companies

We don’t really like to talk about ourselves. We like to let our work speak for us. We’d rather listen to you—how you hope to live a better, less stressful life.

So we’ll be brief. Gerrard Companies is a family-owned business with expertise in real estate. We build and manage condominiums, offices, apartment communities, and residential neighborhoods. Our holdings span seven states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Our father began his career in this industry over 50 years ago, and continues to guide us today.

At Gerrard Companies, we express our shared values in our business, values that stand the test of time. In our work, we:
  • Speak plainly, with open and honest intentions

  • Follow through on our commitments

  • Show honesty and integrity in all of our relationships

  • Focus on quality, innovation, and providing enduring value

  • Practice long-term thinking and planning

  • Manage our real estate holdings for the greater good of all parties

  • Involve ourselves in communities where we have real estate holdings

About Our Work

We build a variety of developments in communities that we like, because diversification is healthy.
Plus, it’s more interesting for us. Projects we’ve completed include:

  • Mixed-use developments

  • Condominiums

  • Single-family developments

  • Multi-family developments

  • Subdivisions

  • Affordable housing communities

  • Campus-convenient housing communities

  • 55+ apartment communities

  • Offices, restaurants, retail

About Our Team

Peter Gerrard - President

Paul Gerrard -  Vice President

Sarah Gerrard - Campus-Convenient Housing Manager

Scott Ackerson - Controller

Jane Benson - 55+ Housing Manager

Rich Phillips - Property Maintenance

Becky Franzen - Accounts Payable


About Peter and Paul Gerrard

Peter Gerrard Peter Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Paul Gerrard
Peter and Paul Gerrard are second generation leaders of their real estate development business. They have worked in real estate development, management, and construction for 25 years and co-founded Gerrard Corporation/Gerrard Companies. Both work seamlessly on site selection, syndication, financing, and pre-development in various markets throughout the Midwest.

Peter Gerrard, President, of Gerrard Corporation/Gerrard Companies, is focused primarily on the development and construction management side of the business. 

Paul Gerrard, Vice President, directs the property management side of the real estate development business.






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